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March 12, 2014 / Samuel

彼此接纳 [Receive One Another]





Book: Romans (New Testament)
Author: Paul

Romans 14:1 :“Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things.”

Today’s Meditation: The foundation of Christians to have fellowship with one another is the salvation of Jesus Christ and the way of life, instead of having same opinion towards teachings. There is no two Christians with exact same opinions. Thus, one cannot have fellowship with another if our foundation is entirely built on teachings. We need to treat one another with spirit and life by surpassing the level of truth and knowledge in order to accept the Christians that we are having different opinions with. A church of Lord must be able to tolerate Christians with different understandings towards truth. A church that failed to do so cannot be acknowledged as the church Lord wants. We need to separate things up clearly between people and matters in church, for we should be accepting people instead of the matters. Disputes are not benefiting any party for they do not help and cannot solve problems. Disputes will only bring more quarrels and misunderstandings. Disputes will only bring difficulties to church. Hurting one another’s feelings cannot strengthen our faith. We should be taking care of people instead of matters in order to build a better church. We should be able to identify things that are important, unimportant, things that we should be uphold to, and things we should tolerate with. We need to learn to tolerate with Christians that have different opinions with us and avoid any dispute, except towards heresies.


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