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December 1, 2014 / Samuel

见证与侍奉 [Witness and Servings]





Book: Romans (New Testament)
Author: Paul

Romans 1:9 :“For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers,”

Today’s Meditation: Serving God and worshipping Him cannot be separated. Thus, we need to serve God from our spirit. A truly valuable serving is not the work on the outside, or the hard works of religion, or endless rituals and ceremonies, or forcefully memorising all sorts of prayers. It is the fervent and confident prayers that matter. We serve God based on the feeling in the deepest part of us instead of our emotions and thoughts. We cannot please God if we served Him with the wrong source of serving even if we did the right thing. Spreading gospel is one of the servings we can do. Spreading gospel uses more of our spirit than our soul or body. We affect people with the deepest feeling but not just talking and convincing. Only one that comes from our spirit can touch another’s spirit to create resonance. The concerns of Paul towards Roman churches can be observed through his endless prayers. The way we pray for ministries in churches can tell whether we concern about them or not. Others may not know how we are in our spirit, but God knows. He is the best witness of our spiritual condition.


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